Basic Rules Of Writing Expository Essays

Essay writing is one of the most common writing assignments in school. Expository essays feature among the main writing tasks. If you are in high school or college, you will, at one time, have to write an expository essay as part of your exam. It is thus important to understand the basics of this type of essay and learn how to write a winning paper.

Expository Essay – What’s That?

An expository essay seeks to uncover, explain, illustrate, or clarify something. The word expository comes from “expose,” and in writing, this means to lay bare difficult facts for everyone to understand them.

In this form of writing, the student will investigate an idea, evaluate the evidence available and, expound on what they find to make things clear for the reader.

Using the evidence gathered, the student will set forth an argument about these ideas in a concise manner. This essay presents ideas directly and objectively.

For instance, your teacher can request an essay detailing how computers have changed students’ lives. Your first task is to research widely and come up with solid facts. These will then form the core of your essay.

Sample Expository Essay Topics

To get you started on your essay, below are sample topics you should consider:

1. Explain one of the social revolutions which have impacted modern society
2. How can you be a great roommate in college?
3. What is the logic behind some cities having curfews for teens?
4. Identify one person you admire and explain why?
5. What’s your favorite team? What do you like and don’t like about it?
6. Explain what religion you would introduce to your kid and give reasons
7. Illustrate things homeowners can do to minimize the effect of global warming
8. Explain the likely consequences of skipping school.
9. Explain a phone application that you can create to help the environment
10. What are the steps you should use to choose the best college?
11. Why do teens wear makeup? Do you think it is right? Explain
12. Explain the stages involved in your decision-making process
13. What is the impact of art in your life? explain
14. What are the main fashion trends in the US today?
15. Explain the benefits of exercising for students
16. Why would you like to become a politician in your city?

To write a good expository essay, you should consider the following:

i. Purpose: You must have an objective when writing your paper. Choosing a topic should help you craft an objective for your paper.
ii. Planning: Take time to research widely and organize your ideas. You should also craft an outline to organize your ideas logically.
iii. Research: This is a crucial step in expository essay writing. Gather as much evidence as possible from reputable sources.
iv. Craft a thesis: This will guide your arguments in the essay.

An expository essay is a daunting task for most students. It requires a lot of research, but with these tips and sample topics, it is now easy to get started. Take time to choose a good topic and gather a lot of evidence from reputable sources.

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