Writing A Law Dissertation – What Is Expected?

We shall be taking a general look at what a student should expect when it is time to write their dissertation. The challenges that will come the way of every student will be discussed in full length. The beginning is always tough for every student. By the time you finish reading what we have below; it will be easy to start on a sound note in the process of writing down something unique that will help in getting higher grades.

The meetings with the supervisor

The first meeting with the supervisor will be majorly on the content of the topic of the dissertation. The focus of the supervisor will be more on the content rather than on the rules and regulations that relate to the topic. It is advised that students prepare adequately for this first meeting without leaving anything to chances. This is required to have a smooth relationship with the supervisor.

Approval of draft chapters

Your supervisors will not rubber-stamp everything that you have written down before the meeting with them. Bear in mind that changes, as might be deemed necessary by your supervisor, will be demanded and you are expected to adapt to the changes.

The metaphorsis of your supervisor

There will be a gradual shift in the relationship between you and your supervisor. In the beginning, he will be your tutor. As the work progresses; he will assume the role of a mentor. After that stage; the supervisor will assume the full role of an examiner. The three stages will come with changes in the attitude of the supervisor. When you do your research well before each meeting with your supervisor; you are not going to have issues with the changing roles of the supervisor. 


You need to come up with what you intended to do and how you want to achieve the aims convincingly. The efforts you put into bringing something together will determine your ratings in the eyes of our supervisor. If you carry out in-depth research and come up with a convincing blueprint; it will be a roller coaster ride with your supervisor.


You are dealing with an academic paper and as such, the outcome should be based on quality research that is gotten through academic websites that are noted for clinical precision. Social media is completely out of it. The research must include both online and offline sources that will give you the desired results that call for cheer. 

The more detailed your research, the better the outcome of the proposal that you are going to present to your supervisor.

The chapters involved

The chapters that are involved should not be less than five. It could be more. However, the content of each chapter must be the work of detailed research which must be followed to the letter. The following topics might come under the classification of chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusion and outcomes.

Start early

Time is a perishable commodity that should be managed with great care. Starting early will be in the best interest of every student. This will create room for review and proofreading of the work. Take a break after completing your work and come back to it to review what you have written. Give your finished work to friends and colleagues that might be of help in proofreading your work.

Final thoughts

The smart ways that are required to easily go through your dissertation work have been described above. If the tips given above are followed to the letter; it will be easy to achieve the soft landing in the dissertation works

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