How To Give Your Dissertation A Proper Finish And Format

The parts where you collect, organize, analyze, and write your report seem to be the most challenging parts of dissertation writing. Once you cross that hurdle, you would have completed most of your research and writing.

However, there is still the aspect of organizing your report such that it becomes reader-friendly. Find below how to put the finishing touches to your paper-based, black and white paper dissertation.

How to Correctly Format your Dissertation

Every University has requirements regarding formatting, and sometimes, departments also have theirs. You, therefore, have to know the criteria for your University or department as the case may be.

Aside from that, ensure the proper numbering of each page so that your formatting can be well numbered. You also want to ensure that each chapter starts on a new page and that headings/subheadings do not begin at the bottom of a page. Your referencing and bibliography session must also meet departmental or University requirements.

Proofread your Dissertation

Proofreading is an essential part of your writing because when we write, we tend to miss out on little mistakes hidden in our writing. However, when an outsider gets to read what we wrote, they can easily pick out these errors and address them on our behalf or point it to us for correction.

Note that proofreading is different from feedback. Proofreading aims to point out mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. though the one proofreading can make comments and ask for clarity on areas that seem unclear, this should not be done in the form of feedback.

Get Feedbacks from your Trainer

Feedback from a professional in your field of study is going to be a great plus to your dissertation writing. If you are lucky enough to have a supervisor who is willing to go through your report and give feedback, that would be the best because they’ll have the most insight into your dissertation.

However, you must understand that your supervisor is only human; therefore, you don’t wait until the last minute to offer your dissertation for feedback. You should carry your supervisor along with chapter by chapter and give him ample time to read and give feedback.

Get Feedback from Friends

There are times when it’s challenging to get your supervisor’s feedback within the required timeframe. You can go for peer review at such times. However, be aware that your peers are probably at the same level as you. Therefore, the quality of the evaluation may not be as good as your supervisor.

Buy Feedbacks

In cases where you need quality feedback, most importantly, from a professional in your field, you might have to pay for such a service. The secret is to find a company that can provide the needed assistance. The company links you up to an expert in your academic discipline. If you are paying for a service, you’ll want it to be sure you are getting quality feedback.

Finishing and formatting your dissertation can be a difficult task though it’s the last stage of the writing process. It is at this point you can’t wait to submit and get done with the entire process. Getting it right at this stage can be the difference between quality academic writing or otherwise.

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